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a chair with a magazine holder attached to it
Can't Attend the Fall Design Festivals? Window Shop the Organizing Products Before Their Debut - Core77
Can't Attend the Fall Design Festivals? Window Shop the Organizing Products…
the desk is made out of wood and has two shelves on each side, one with a
Chamada Deskbox, essa pequena e prática escrivaninha de fixar na parede é uma criação do estúdio londrino Raw-edges para a fabricante holandesa Arco. Com uma articulação para abrir ou fechar a mesa, essa peça é minimalista e funcional, perfeita para situações em que há pouco espaço.
a green suitcase sitting on top of a wooden table in front of a round mirror
Malas antigas conferem ar vintage à decoração
a glass sculpture with colored sticks sticking out of it's sides on a white surface
Table designed by Emmanuel Moureaux acrylic furniture
five balloons hanging from the ceiling in an empty room
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Lights (ii).
two cats are sitting on top of suitcases that are stacked high and low to the ceiling
an open laptop computer sitting on top of a white surface
Crosley Cruiser Portable Turntable
a small wooden table with one drawer open
Signal Advertising (Signalz) is now
three different types of baskets with elephants on them and one is made out of wicker
El cesto de la ropa sucia del Rey
Cestos de elefante
a wooden shelf with three shelves on each side and an air plane hanging from the top
Cabideiro Árvore Generosa
an animal that is standing in the middle of a book shelf with books on it
Estante Rinoceronte Kevin Cinza
Puff Tensor Vermelho
Puff Tensor Vermelho
a white chair with black legs and an armrest on the back, against a white background
Cadeira 3D Colour Laranja