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Well, isn't *this* a clever edging? tiny crochet pompoms on a chain edge - full instructions - clever and so cute!


011 Red Spiral Crocheted Cushion


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The pattern is undoubtedly beautiful! - All in openwork . (crochet) - Country Mom [ " The pattern is undoubtedly beautiful! - All in openwork .", "Knitted with crochet Deniz", "Not in English - needs better directions but it

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Looks like an iris, I'm imagining colors of the ones from my mother's garden ленточное кружево

Комплект для девочки — работа Марины Стоякиной - вязание крючком на kru4ok.ru

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Discover thousands of images about Baby girl jacket: top down raglan with faux eyelet cables and flared back

Needs to be lined

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I'd bring floral motifs across top of solid bottom, then lace a smaller area. This looks too unstable and exposing.