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an old metal wall with many clocks on it
Transposition Cipher Decoder :: Simple Shift Cipher
a close up of a wooden head with leaves on it
Caesar Cipher :: Transposition Cipher with a shift of 3
the numbers are arranged in rows on top of each other, and they appear to be printed
Random Number Generator :: Lists of random numbers with a click
several white and blue dices sitting on top of a glass table in front of a red curtain
Bingo Number Generator :: Play Bingo Online
a red pen sitting on top of a piece of paper
Test Corrections Calculator :: Partial Credit for test corrections
an old typewriter sitting on top of a table
Online EZ-Grader Calculator to help teachers when grading papers
a calculator sitting on top of a white desk next to a computer keyboard
Online Square Root Curve Calculator :: And the math behind it
an old calculator showing the numbers and symbols on it's display panel
Grade Curve Calculator - Online Linear Grade Distribution Calculator
a piece of lined paper with the words questions written in red and black on it
What Do I Need on My Final? Online Final Exam Grade Calculator
the number fifty five is surrounded by crayons and pencils on a wooden table
Free 30:00 Online Timer - Art supply border
Free, online timer with an art classroom feel. Bold, white font sites on top of a wooden table surrounded by art supplies. Great for keeping students motivated and focused during indpendent work.
the paint palettes are next to each other with two brushes on it and one is empty
How I use Todoist to keep track of my hobbies
a computer screen with some type of programming program on it's back dropp
9 coding fonts that you probably haven't seen before with samples and download links
a computer desk with two monitors and a laptop on it next to the same table
Why I decided I needed a standing desk in my classroom