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Fishing for stars. <> Illustration by: Andrej Mashkovtsev (sun, moon, stars state of mind)

O mundo colorido e surreal de Paul Fuentes. #Design

O mundo colorido e surreal de Paul Fuentes

Paul Fuentes is a graphic designer, based in Mexico City, who enjoys staging everyday objects into surreal and colorful compositions creating pop mashups. A photo posted by Paul Fuentes

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O mundo colorido e surreal de Paul Fuentes

Mexico City-based photographer Paul Fuentes has long found influence in the work of Andy Warhol, bringing the tenets of Pop Art—irony, kitsch, and appropriation— boldly into the

vladimir kush - surrealismo e ilusão

vladimir kush - surrealismo e ilusão

Russian artist Vladimir Kush was born in Moscow and is a surrealist painter and sculptor. He defines his art as metaphorical realism instead surrealism. His paintings are fascinated by fantasy stories. His paintings looks like influenced by Salvador Dali.

Uma mistura divertida e criativa, arte + frutas!    Com poucos objetos mas muita criatividade, a Diretora de Arte alemã Sarah Illenberger criou objetos do nosso dia-a-dia com simples frutas.

I raised boys, so this looks like a watermelon seed spitting contest! (watermelon seed rain by sarah illenberger)