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Maquillaje glam para ir a ver a tu ex 🤫 | By Paola Estrada | Hi girls how are you? Today I bring you the tutorial of this makeup so if you're interested to see how I did it accompany me to watch the video ignore my little ones and soon I'll go do them. We'll start with the eyebrows and I'll be using this story that will help me compress them, comb them and keep them from moving. And now we will be using this eyebrow pencil that I will only use it to fill in huequitos because I like my eyebrow to stay as natural as possible now to define and eh it will help me as a prebasic of shadows I will be using this c orrector and I will guide me through it all the eh part debajito of my eyebrow I tell you to define it I will be blurring super super well the corrector that I have a super light layer and we will be using this beautiful Bibella, the truth is beautiful, the shades super super nice as and we will be starting with this tone cafecito and we will be putting it all over the arrival of our pond covering ehh almost all our eyelid and we will be blurring super super well so that everything stays super uniform now we will be passing to these two shades I will be mixing to blur the bordecitos of the previous shadow and ehh that it stays super super blurry. We'll go to do a cut a super light semicut crease ehh let the cap of our corrector remain and I'll be sealing with this super super pretty satin shadow. Fuzzy the edges and switch to this eyeliner two in one eyeliner and glue in fuchsia pink tone. For the teardown we will be using this metallic shadow, return to the eyeliner two in one fuchsia pink to do an eyeliner on my teardown and ready girls, we will move on to do the next eye and return to the skin, we will be cleaning it with est a micellar of yellow carpet of Garnier super super well, any residue of impurities we have, we have to remove them, now I'll finish cleaning and toning with this ehh tonic four in one of Moira I love it, girls, I recommend you to use this hyaluronic acid that you know it's one of m Is favorites, the truth is the one I use daily and now yes to moisturize I will be using this cream from The Ordinary which I also love how it leaves my skin super super hydrated without feeling greasy. We will pass to the first and I will be using this one from Moira that will help me fill ehh poritos. This is the foundation I will be using today and I will be splashing it with a brooch to blur with my eh wet blender. We have to try to keep our base super fuzzy in a super uniform layer and now we will move on to use this ehh corrector to brighten up from the company of Siles Beauty and blur it out with my wet sponge. Now I'll move on girls to do a cream contour. I will be using this palette and I will be doing it this way. And blur with the new moist blender to stay super well blurred this girls I will go to seal the contours with this palette of Beauty Creation and this now I will pass to use this loose powder to ehh sealar where I put my base and my color rectors. And now if we move to the blush I will be using this one from Love Us I love it because it looks super super tenue. I will refresh my face with this Mac spray and I will be applying Andrea Díaz Beauty illuminator in the tone zero four we will go to finish the eyes I will be using this eyeliner pencil in fuchsia pink for the lower water line and these do s shades of coffee for the part of abajito of my eyes I will be applying these sheets of Andrea Díaz Beauty and now we will go to fill my eyebrow with a bit of coffee shadow I will apply these stones we will pass to the eyelashes and see how beautiful we will pass to lips chi cas and I'll be lining them up to help me to define them and that also this way help me make my lipstick last a little longer because I will fill it with the same eyeliner pencil I will be using this lipstick of Andrea Díaz Beauty in the unforgettable tone is a liquid lipstick that dries in matte and with the I will fill my lips we will pass to the earrings are from Danna's Beauty and smart girls I hope you liked it a lot.
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