Carimbo: Mão - Girafa

Animal activities: Animal crafts: Giraffe Hand print: She painted the students' arm and hand minus the thumb. When dry, she added the outline, cut them out, and had the students add the dots and eyes.

Button Hot-air Ballon Kids Crafts....hello balloon fiesta!

Have a letter writing station where parents and siblings can write a letter to their loved one about how much they miss them and what has changed over the year that they have been gone. Attach it to the balloon for the balloon for the balloon release.

SPONGE PAINTING: Simple process art that toddlers will love; an easy art activity for toddlers; process art for preschoolers

Sponge Painting Process Art

Have kids sponge large area and have patents pick out or area to frame Sponge Painting Process Art: Super quick and easy toddler art activity; fun process art for toddlers and preschoolers

Ideias Giras: Ideias Giras para o Dia da Mãe

Kids like to make the accordian folds anyway so let's take it up a notch. Great for Mother's Day or just a spring paper flower craft.

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Toy Airplane SVG file for scrapbooks cardmaking airplane svg cuts airplane svg files free svgs


COLOURS Strong colours, crisp lines, has teddy with him showing he feels safe.

barquinho com rolha

Ideias para um fim de semana criativo #07

wine cork Boat Crafts for Kids - Inspire Creativity, Reduce Chaos & Encourage Learning with Kids

Gente Miúda - Atividades e Projetos para Educação Infantil

Gente Miúda - Atividades e Projetos para Educação Infantil

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