"Destiny" by an artist who wishes to remain anonymous, beautifully depicts Jesus as a young boy in Joseph's carpenter shop. The three nail spikes and the shadow of a cross foretell the events to come; the destiny Christ that came to fulfill.

Anonymous Artist - Destiny - Art Prints of Jesus Holding Nail Spike in Joseph's Carpenter Shop. I love this painting. Baby Jesus looks just like my son when he was that age. It's a beautiful and chill inducing image.

In His Arms Jesus Christ

In His Arms Jesus Christ, what a Beautiful site Jesus holding our Kayla in his arms.

Por que será que tem dias em que a respiração deixa de ser involuntária....?

Calling, Yongsung Kim Painter art Jesus reaching hand through water to lift you out. No matter how hard your struggle is, Jesus is always offering his hand to help. All you have to do is reach for it.

Nihil Veilleur-Prêtre, Virgin Mary  One of the faces of being a woman. Is not a uterus holy?

Nihil Veilleur-Prêtre, Virgin Mary Act These all continued with one accord in prayer and supplication,with the women and Mary the mother of Jesus, and with His brothers.

Nossa Senhora Aparecida

Angel Warrior, Holy Mary, Angel Cards, Blessed Virgin Mary, Desta, Guadalupe, Blessed Mother, Naive Art, Mother Mary

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Se alguém quiser vir após mim, negue-se a si mesmo, e tome a sua cruz e…

Ron DiCianni

"Ron DiCianni paints such powerful, vivid images of faith in Christ. How would I act if I truly comprehended that I nailed Him to the cross? Ron's art is so moving." He hung their for our sins.