So along with showing you some new stamps I made today, I also really wanted to say a big thank you to everyone who follows me. I…

Stamped leaves and flowers

蓮の花のけしごむはんこです。持ち手はありません。手作りの年賀状にもどうぞ。サイズ:35mm×61mm◆ハンドメイド品のため掲載写真とは多少異なります。◆全ての商品はクリーニングを施しておりますが、下書きの線や試し押しのインクが残っている場合がございます。ご了承ください。◆ご不明点はお気軽にお問い合わせください。 もっと見る

Lotus flower stamp (DIY string on wood block)

Flor fuxico

layered YoYo Flowers with button or pearl centers .

Artesanato Fofo: Almofada decorada com fuxicos

another language=double yoyo

Instagram photo by @mamalaterre via

Pattern Simple one again 😊😊 . Big one by mama small one by Laterre. Taken by bymamalaterre on Sunday August 2015

Desenho sakura (flor de cerejeira)

Cherry blossom stamps | flower rubber stamp | spring in japan | scrapbooking | diy gift wrapping | hand carved by talktothesun | set of 2

cherry blossom rubber stamps sakura hand carved by talktothesun:DIY stamps

Carimbos artesanais e criativos

Carimbos artesanais no Painel Criativo de 28/08

Knit Hand Carved Stamp by hugfishandorange. Good design to make my own stamp.


Molde para caixa de bis lacta, sino de feltro, bonequinhas, girafa e corujinha