Saiba como fazer decorações com caixas de fósforo!

pei-san ng - text sculpture made with matches (Art idea: burn the matches and extinguish them at different stages!

Reciclar e Decorar : blog de decoração com ideias fáceis e baratas: faça você mesmo

Beautiful DIY home decor idea. Succulent aquarium with a layered look. This DIY indoor plant looks classy and great for the bedroom, living room, kitchen, etc.

love candy? why not frame it and use it as art in you home!

contemporary kitsch retro wall art for bedrooms or dining area , just don't let the greedy people get a hand on your sweets DIY Framed Candy

DIY: Ponto-Cruz na parede...

~For moms craft room some day?~Dishfunctional Designs: Painted Cross Stitch Wall Mural "cross stitch idea from Dutch artist Eline Pellinkhof, who recreated a cross stitch -in grandiose style using a simple grid technique.