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some green leaves are hanging from a tree branch with white sky in the back ground
a blue background with white silhouettes of sunflowers and polka dotes in the foreground
a branch with green leaves on it
Materiais Artesanato
Stencil Pattern, Stencil Art, Stencil Diy, Silhouette Stencil
17x42 Simples - Alfabeto Cursivo I - OPA3072
an image of green leaves on a white background that looks like something out of space
Pintura "carimbo" é baratinha, dá ar retrô e substitui papel de parede
Floral, Quilling, Silhouette Design, Flourish, Pyrography Patterns
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a branch with green leaves on it against a white background
green leaves are arranged in the shape of a tree
32x42 Simples - Afro Mulher - OPA2997