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Resultado de imagem para frase carater

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Can I just take a moment to say how beautiful this picture is? I literally started crying. The alliance, and the friendship, between Suna and Konoha. The friendship of Gaara and Naruto. The only thing is, I now have NO IDEA WHO THAT GIRL IS. I thought it was Matsuri, but her hairs darker. I decided to ignore that. Maybe her hair just became lighter. But this woman's eyes. Her eyes are blue-grey. MATSURIS EYES ARE BLACK. I really wanna know who she is :( - Caitlin, @caitr06

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Image d'anime little red riding hood mystic messenger protagonist (mystic messenger) zen (mystic messenger) rosuuri long hair 499299 fr

- Manga guys

part the group laughed as mythical got a response on her howling. another girl ran up too mythical . zack has been calling you c'mon don't keep him waiting.'' said the girl the girls rushed her inside silver felt jealous