I used a plastic grocery bag as a pattern. looks to be totes upcycled from T-shirts or other sleeveless tops. Could be nice gift for a teacher.

DIY Nice Paper Gift Bag

{DIY Fabulous and Easy Gift Bag}maybe as a lunch bag out of fabric?

Sew A Bento Box {Free Pattern}

Sew a Bento Box

Sew A Bento Box {Free Pattern} Would be a cute gift for the kids - to put things in. They love containers - especially pretty ones!

** Pattern

of 3 Tweed handbag Pattern for 1955 tweed handbag. VERY IMPORTANT make sure this prints out on x 11 inch paper or the pieces of the pattern probably will not fit.

Jayla Hanging Toiletry Bag

Jayla Hanging Toiletry Bag Size: H x 10 W, unrolled. Each triangle section measures 4 H x 9 W.