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Resource: Lumberjack Tactical - Building A Rifle, Part 2 - Lower Receiver
Mosin Nagant the most fun you can have for $100. and ammo is cheap and plenty.
Nelson King patent for upgraded magazine fire-arm made popular by the 1873 Winchester (Billy the Kid and Gun that won the west)
Baikal MP654K 4,5mm BB CO2-Luftpistole - Testberichte - CO2 - Kurzwaffen -
Crosman 2240 Air Pistol.  This is a pair of 2240 PCP twins built by Clark. All of the stainless  go-faster bits are his own.    Barrel length: 12.9", Reservoir: 59cc, Fill Pressure: 220 bar, Maximum power: 40.4 ft-lbs (28.55gr Eun Jins @ 798fps) / 39.0 ft-lbs (16gr @ 1048 fps)  Shot count: 14 shots above 20 ft-lbs starting at a 220bar fill.
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holt liaTTf I - Ii PI-km» tiilrli i' Sjiring rmiil fbriilg TO ბლოგი იარაღის და ვაზნების შესახებ: Sauer 38H
modern muzzleloader - Pesquisa Google