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What's the Best Guitar Routine?
Is your guitar practice routine a little stale? Do you avoid practicing sometimes? This post should help you 1) practice more effectively, giving you better results in a shorter time, and 2) squeeze quality guitar time into your routine more seamlessly.
the words get clear sounding chords for beginners with an orange fish hanging from strings
The BEST Tips To Get Clear Sounding Chords
the guitar frets are labeled with letters and numbers to describe their position in this diagram
Comprehensive List of 2-Finger Chords for Guitar
a person holding a guitar with the words what are guitar power chords and why use them
What are Power Chords and Why Use Them?
an acoustic guitar with the words 28 easy acoustic guitar love songs for that special someone
28+ Easy Acoustic Guitar Love Songs for that Special Someone
How to Learn Guitar Faster How To Learn Guitar
How to Learn Guitar Faster Than Ever
a woman sitting on the floor playing an acoustic guitar and text reads 25 folk songs for guitar to get those toes tapping
25+ Easy Folk Guitar Songs to Get Those Toes Tapping
the diagram shows how to play guitar chords for beginners, including fingers and thumbnails
Guitar Chords for Beginners
the guitar finger positions are shown in four different ways, including fingers and thumbnails
Jerold Borja - Guitar Chords (B)
someone is playing guitar with the number thirteen on their finger and four red numbers below
This BORING Guitar Exercise Guarantees HUGE RESULTS!!
a man playing an acoustic guitar with the words 10 songs that use 2 chords for beginners
10 Songs 2 Chords EASY Guitar Lesson
the history of guitar info sheet
The First Things You Should Learn On Bass Guitar