This is epic - and you only need to let them dry for about five minutes before they are ready to use DIY Glitter-Dipped Cups

To make your own DIY glitter-dipped cups, all you need is some disposable clear plastic cups, lots of gold craft glitter, super 77 spray adhesive and a pair of latex gloves.

Nuvem de balões

"A cloud to literally shower the gift table. These were paper raindrops that we sewed together for this baby shower decor!" This rain cloud is so cute!

Decoração para chá de bebê com nuvens e pingo de chuva - Dicas pra Mamãe

Decoração para chá de bebê com nuvens e pingo de chuva

Love the white balloon cloud and rainbow rain drops - this would be fun for a rain/cloud themed birthday party

Confetti balloons for baby shower decorations @Kara Mitsuka With white, black, or silver confetti?

confetti filled balloons, sprinkle party Fill clear balloons with large confetti~Black & orange for Halloween, school colors, etc.

pinterest unisex baby shower | Ciguenas Para Baby Shower Decoracion Ajilbabcom Portal Picture

15 Lembrancinhas para chá de bebê que dá para fazer em casa

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