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Indoor Herb Garden Ideas

Mason jar herb ideas Mason jar is a glass-slime container that has circular mouthpiece enclosed by rubber and tin cap. It is pioneered for food storage like fruit or vegetable preservations while its blue shade can prolong the storing process. It is firs


Veja como plantar morango em casa

Vertical Garden Using Plastic Milk Bottles

I will try that! - Instead of disposing empty plastic bottles, why not re-use through this practical vertical garden idea!

Bosco Verticale, Milan / Boeri Studio. Image © Kirsten Bucher

Bosco Verticale: The World's "Most Beautiful and Innovative Highrise"

Cloud Forest and Flower Dome, Singapore

PHOTOS: Singapore Is Building An Army Of 150-Foot Tall Supertrees

Super Tree - The project also features two huge conservatories led by the Cloud Forest and Flower Dome, a beautiful modern architectural structure. The flower dome will have different varieties of flora based on the season.

1 Pound Of 3/4” Cool Colored Reflective Fireglass Crystals For Fire Pits Or Gas Fireplace

Essex Natural Gas Fire Pit Auto Ignition - Copper with blue fire glass - Fire glass is tempered glass manufactured in pebble-sized fragments used as a .