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White Spaghetti Meatballs and Happy Mother's Day 💕
This Whipped Ricotta Pesto is Just Gorgeous.. Just like Gianluca
Nonna’s Stuffed Peppers
The ‘Vodka No Vodka’ pasta
Rigatoni alla gricia, a never seen before recipe!
This is how Michelin Star Chef makes 4 pasta recipes in under 10 minutes!!
The perfect autumn recipe. Save it for a rainy day🍁🤎🍂
Cream of Parmigiano & Cauliflower Penne
Creamy Chickpeas One Pot Pasta
The basics of a good Minestrone explained
three spoons with chocolate pudding on them sitting next to bananas and raisins
Creamy Cold Brew Coffee Smoothie
12h 10m
The Little Roses of Emilia Romagna
Drunken Salmon Pasta