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a robot that is sitting on top of a piece of metal with wires attached to it
Arduino code for robot arm and tank car chassis - Electronics and Robotics
an orange and white machine with wires attached to it's back end, in front of a usa sign
Unified Prusa i3 Extruder for Mk8 drive gear, e3d v6 hotend, and BLTouch sensor. by inornate
the instructions for how to install an electric garage door hacker with pictures and instructions
Simple Garage Door Hack
Hack your garage door so you can open it with a remote control or your phone. #IoT #electronics #technology #3Dprint #Arduino #RC #Instructables
a small camera attached to a skateboard on top of a cement surface with wires
the QAV540G Brushless Gimbal Quad-copter Airframe
an image of a machine that is spinning on it's side with the words, how do you know about this machine?
an electronic device with wires attached to it on top of a wooden table next to a camera
3D-Printed DSLR Camera Gimbal
a red motorcycle parked in front of a white brick wall with black spokes on it
Finalmente estão prontas… que venha a próxima!
Olha aí uns 4 anos de trabalho e aprendizado. Agora estou no terceiro projeto de uma moto com motor e complexidade bem maior.
two pieces of blue plastic with wires attached to them on a white surface, one piece is connected to the other
Linear Servo Actuators by potentprintables
a blue and white bike parked on the side of a road next to a car
Loucos por Fusca
Loucos por Fusca
Model of the Week: Fully-Animated Triumph 2 Cylinder 4 Stroke Engine