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drawing art nude female pencil body portrait woman lines

curves X - from a gorgeous series using different line techniques for each one [louis björdoni - dA] line drawings of bodies - life drawing

Paul Robertson animation 4

Paul Robertson's animations

Les gifs animés complexes et acidulés de Paul Robertson gif acide 03


Post with 38 votes and 20209 views. Perfectly looped cauliflower gif looks like smokescreen.

John and Paul

paulieismylove: from-the-beatles-to-you: "The most important moment of your life was when you met me" - Paul McCartney speaking to John Lennon yeah I think John needed Paul as much as Paul needed him and maybe more!

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Video Game Designer Paul Robertson Creates Mesmerizingly Entertaining GIFS - Beautiful/Decay

Nude Bodies Transform From Flattering To Unflattering With Slight Shift In Pose (NSFW) - Beautiful/Decay Artist & Design