Precieux Elephant ~ exquisitely laden with Swarovski crystals and other jewels amongst the elaborate metalwork and flowers.

Gaylord Ho is a master sculptor and an inspired artist. His goal in every sculpture is to capture forever the fleeting emotion of a single moment in time.

Gaylord Ho Gaylord Ho was born April in Hsin-Wu, Taiwan. Born to poor farmers Gaylord spent most of h.

Gaylord Ho was born on April 1950 in Hsin-Wu, Taiwan . sculptor, artist and inspirational artist in each of his sculptures - capture fleeting emotions at any given time.

Fernanda Gentil texto para amigo Pedro Ivo

Toda pessoa que ama alguém devia ler esse texto que Fernanda Gentil escreveu ao perder um amigo

Glenda Kozlowski conta que Fernanda Gentil lhe entregou currículo em jantar

Reflection Limited Edition sculpture in Parian II on granite pedestal art bronce