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#homestead #farmlife #farm Daily Homestead Tasks - Don't forget to complete these daily homesteading chores to keep your homestead running in tip top shape! From cooking and preserving food, to checking on the animals and collecting your harvest! These homestead tasks will help your homestead be more productive in no time! Urban Homestead - Homestead Chores - Mini Urban Farm

barn chores

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This little boy is Lamancha/Kiko and would make a awsome pack goat, he is friendly and follows me everywhere. Interested?
LaMancha Goat; I love them - wish I had 1 or 2


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Neoclassical architecture has always been a favorite of mine. I love the principles of Empire style and the influences from Egypt to Louis XVI. Please let someone see this who’s ready to bring us on to design something in this fashion!  **THESE IMAGES ARE AI** **We are currently seeking coyrights on all material so while pending consider them copyrighted to Equine Residences TM**
Add a touch of exotic charm to your bedroom with Indian-inspired decor, featuring vibrant hues, intricate patterns, and cultural accents that evoke a sense of wanderlust.

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Duck Aviary | Duck Aviary Love the lattice roof.

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pasture and field setup

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This tortoise has been alive for 183 years
In a world where no one wants to agree. Can we just agree that this is the cutest thing ever?

small mammals

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Zebu calf stock image. Image of agriculture, indian, ranch - 23062061

live stock

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What kind of duck is this? Is it just a young mallard? #Ducks


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Вау 😍

Horse coat colors 15

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two men standing next to a turtle on top of a grass covered field with the caption, here's a tortoise aged 70 in 1932
This tortoise has been alive for 183 years - FunSubstance
This tortoise has been alive for 183 years
a piece of cake with marshmallows on top
How to Make a Birthday Cake for a Horse (with Pictures) - wikiHow
chickens in the garden chicken moat for pest control
Construct a Chicken Moat for Effective Garden Pest Control | Community Chickens
an image of different types of birds in flight with their names and colors on them
Horse Colour Chart vs 2 by Gaurdianax on DeviantArt
Colores caballos