"Fandango" é uma dança, mas a palavra vem do português fado e latim fatum (destino). A pergunta "Scaramouche, Scaramouche, will you do the fandango?" pode significar então "Scaramouche, você vai cumprir o seu destino?"

Destino na mão, e na parede

Janis Joplin

If you want to feel like a hippie chic.here's Janis Joplin with some great inspiration of how to carry off the look.Janis Joplin at the Hotel Chelsea NYC 1970 photographed by David Gahr

The Who with Roger Daltry...another classic rock band!

Image detail for -THE WHO - union jack peace poster / print - Europosters

Boney M

Boney M: Ma Baker, Rivers of Babylon, El Lute, Rasputin etc

Franz Ferdinand, "You Could Have It So Much Better With Franz Ferdinand" (2005)

You Could Have It So Much Better: Bigger 'n' bolder 'n' more beautiful 2005 album from the Scottish sensations! Includes "Do You Want To" and "Walk Away".

Nanna bryndís

Nanna bryndís