Diy Stamped Clay Bowls. This is how I could make my own personalised crockery sets!


You can find my other diy's using air dry clay here. This time I used it to make some diy stamped clay bowls, they're the perfect thing to keep on your bedside

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Paint spoons to look like petals. Stab them into circle foam piece. Color ends of certain spoons black to be prize winners.

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Cute step-by-step for a braided ribbon belt. Could also use this for handles, straps, headbands, etc.

Você está cansado de ficar comprando aquela cerâmica plástica cara nas lojas de artesanato? Agora você pode fazer uma cerâmica caseira utilizando ingredientes domésticos simples – há inclusive quatro receitas com base de amido de milho. As ...

Fazer Cerâmica Plástica Caseira

How to Make Homemade Polymer Clay Substitute. Are you tired of running to the craft store for expensive polymer clay? This wikiHow will show you how to make your own polymer clay substitute. Keep in mind, however, that these homemade clays.

Mandala Nice Tutorial

CARLA ONISHI shows a nice tutorial for this fold using a square tile