Um "pé"  de uma antiga máquina de costura, ganha um tampo de vidro, uma nova pintura e temos uma linda mesa muito útil :)

So excited to find an example of exactly how I want to repurpose my old cast iron sewing machine stand - from the yellow paint to the tempered glass top.

Quelques jours à Moscou

Quelques jours à Moscou (PLANETE DECO a homes world)

sewing machine table...

Here are 60 ideas To Recycle Vintage Sewing Machines into various types of home decor accessories. We hope that some of these ideas will inspire you.

Aparador com pedra de mármore.

10 idéias com pés de máquina de costuras

mais uma boa ideia!

Repurpose a vintage old sewing machine base into a bath vanity sink. We have this same sewing machine at my house.

decorando com pé de maquina antiga

decorando com pé de maquina antiga

DIY Old Sewing Machine Redo to Nightstand! If I have an old Sewing Machine and it is only taking up space, why not turn it into something more useful?

Reutilize o pé da máquina de costura.

Pé de Máquina de Costura como Móveis

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