Infográfico - A psicologia das cores, uma poderosa ferramenta para designers, arquitetos e decoradores

Tá na dúvida na hora de servir as bebidas? Dá uma olhada nesse guia super prático! #copo #drink #dica #infografico

chart of types of glasses and the drinks they are associated with.

Й one magazine one project

Editorial Design Architecture and editorial project made for "Talent for Tiles" competition. Layout by Mauro De Donatis

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Business infographic & data visualisation Clean cut resume with some style to it. Infographic Description Clean cut resume with some style to it - Infogr

Week5- visual way of depicting how long an animal lives. Any type of data can transformed visually

The Invention of ISOTYPE: How a Vintage Visual Language Paved the Way for the Infographics Age

Interesting Trivia - how long does that animal live? What is the average lifespan of a wolf? What about a woodpecker? This infographic looks at the lifespan of different species and how long they live.

Infographic of the day: The most stressful (and less stressful) jobs in the world.

Is Your Job Killing You? [Infographic]

Infographic of the day: The most stressful (and less stressful) jobs in the world. Guess what? SLPs and Audiologist are in the top 10 least stressful jobs.

From the Vitsoe Furniture design archive, 1972: 620 Chair Programme poster by Wolfgang Schmidt.

Design Inspiration // Wolfgang Schmidt – 620 Chair Programme poster for Vitsoe Furniture, 1972

Baking 911: How to tackle baking emergencies—from cookie catastrophes to cake calamities—straight on.

Infographic: Guideline to Avoid Baking Emergencies. From America's Test Kitchens comes "Baking - a quick guide to avoiding your baking emergencies; Cake Calamities, Bread Bummers, and Cookie Catastrophes.

Life Map #infographic #infografía

Interesting idea -LifeMap This is a visualization of my life between ages 6 and It was created as an assignment for an Information Design course at Parsons taught by Dmitry Krasny.


Many complex ideas incorporated within one single isometric infographic.