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Como Clarear a Região Íntima Naturalmente - Dicas Incríveis para Você

Many women are dealing with dark skin in their private areas, but are uncomfortable to talk about it. However, this shouldn’t be a taboo subject – talking openly about it and sharing information may help you resolve the problem by … Read

The Daily Bandha: Anatomic Sequencing: Revolved Half Moon Pose

Figure The Trendeleberg Test; Image on the left illustrates the gluteus medius engaging to stabilize the pelvis. Image on the right illustrates pelvic tilt and lateral spine flexion with the dysfunctional gluteus medius. The Daily Bandha

The Daily Bandha: Preventative Strategies for Lower Back Strains in Yoga: Part Two

In our last post we focused on the benefits of engaging the quadriceps in forward bends. These include reciprocal inhibition of the hamstr.