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Decio Rodriguez
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Magic the Gathering - Command Tower by ASliceOfUnagi

T : Add to your mana pool one mana of any color in your commander's color identity. [i]When defeat is near and guidance is scarce, all eyes look in one . Magic the Gathering - Command Tower

Abrupt Decay, zeerbe, proxy, digital render. Z's Proxy Factory, MTG, Magic the Gathering

In the tradition of the Digital Beware & the Cube Forum Make-A-Proxy threads, this thread is for posting digital renders of Magic cards, either existing .

Kaalia of the Vast by Itsfish3 on DeviantArt

My apologies, the artist is credited incorrectly and I currently can't change it, it's by Yu Cheng Hong and the original art can be found here: yuc. Kaalia of the Vast