Zwischen Küche und Essz. ODER zwischen Essz.u.Wohnz. ??
To unite your kitchen with an adjacent dining nook, use similar decor elements in both spaces, but also consider treatments to make each space unique. Here, the blue from the island is repeated on the cushions on the breakfast nook bench, and the dining chairs are the same style as the barstools. The beaded board of this dining area runs up the wall, distinguishing the area from the rest of the kitchen.
Everyone seems to gather in the kitchen. Might as well make it cozy!
Think about variations on this 1950s staple to create a casual dining spot in your home
"Room with a View"

Mais ideias
Eat-in area...  At least one side MUST be a "booth"!!
Kitchen booth
Beautiful Chesterfield style sectional around table; Massucco Warner Miller Interior Design and Decoration
via Better Homes and Gardens Facebook Page
Good blog collection of photos of small kitchens - pretty, with interesting uses of space
Could you turn like a large closet into this? Like a walk-in? It wouldn't be the size of a whole room, eh?
Love this breakfast nook idea...
eat-in kitchen...Southern Living
great built... This is perfect for the kitchen