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Equine: The Horse

Psychology, behavior, biology, physiology, anatomy, conformation, & history of the horse.
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Anticipating Foal Coat Color
Horse-Breeding Basics: Quarter Horse Color
Horse Color Genetics

Horse Breeds & Genetics

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The Horse's Hoof Anatomy - The Coronary Band
Horse Hoof Anatomy - The Frog
Horse Hoof Anatomy - The Hoof Wall

Horse Anatomy & Conformation

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Breeding: Fertile Conformation
How Your Horse Stays Warm
Horses are very good at identifying odours! Stallions can smell if mares are in season, due to the mare’s hormones in their urine and faeces. By urinating on the manure of mares, stallions mask the difference between mares that are in season and those that are not. This may reduce the attraction potential of the manure to rival stallions.

Horse Biology & Physiology

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Link: Horses Communicating Through Symbols
Hair Whorls Give a Clue to Horses’ Spooking Behavior
7 Strange Sleeping Habits of Horses

Horse Behavior & Psychology

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Horse Hoof Anatomy - The Hoof Wall Horse Training