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So its really hard for me to be super attracted to a tattoo. And i want it like, yesterday!

20 Most Beautiful Floral Tattoos for Your Inspiration

Spring is upon us, and summer isn't far behind it, meaning floral printed everything is officially necessary - including tattoos.

Watercolor Vintage Rose Flower Tattoo Ideas at - Arm Sleeve Traditional Pink Floral Rib Shoulder Tatt

30 Delicate Flower Tattoo Ideas

Tattoo The Vegan World-Traveller

Tattoo The Vegan World-Traveller -- Vegan Tattoo, Elephant, Lion, Be Brave Be Kind Could this work for my wolf/fawn tattoo?

Im not a huge tattoo person by any means, but if I were ever to get one, it would be a word in white ink, like this one, something meaningful. Possibly hope.

Hope In White Ink. I like the white ink idea. Maybe i will use for my foot tattoo

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