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mommo design: DIY IDEAS FOR GIRLS This would also be cute for family photos. Not just for girls rooms. Maybe cute for pet pictures too. - Model Home Interior Design

PAP Caixinha da Caixa de Leite...  Reirar a parte superior.  De baixo para cima, marcar uma linha na altura de 10.5cm.  Nas laterais superiores, marque 2cm.  Estas serão as abas da tampa.  Com a espátula, vinque.  Com o corpo da caixa, marque na tampa o tamanho exato.  As duas abas laterais, tem 2cm, assim como a frontal.  Tirar sobras com o estilete.  Vincar todas as medidas.  Cole as abas com um pingo de cola quente.  Pintar e decorar...

'Upcycle' session - what can we make from old materials? Milk carton gift boxes, uses for old cans. Be creative!

Artesanato com Caixas de Sapato

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Artesanatos com Caixa de Leite

Lindas orquídeas de papel passo a passo para você decorar lembrancinhas de casamento!

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Good idea with mirror in inside of tray and using advehise roll on sides to create a cool look--would maybe try with diff material (not silver gems)

This actually works. I did it before but it looked different, but it still looked good. Just look at the different pic that I put before. That's what it looked like.   Oh and you guys can make it and give it to the person that you love. Like bf/gf, mom, dad, cousin,..... etc....

Looks hard but if you want to try it, Storybook Paper Roses bouquet. It would killlll me to rip apart a book for this, but this is SUCH a cool idea cost effective.

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