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Venice Film Festival

Venice Film Festival

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Almond shaped eyes are beautiful, as most woman call it the perfect eye shape!

Penelope Cruz is the face of Lancome's Miracle Air de Teint Spring 2014 Makeup Collection campaign. The collection coprises of: Lancome Miracle Air de Teint

Dark Winter: Dark hair and eyebrows, olive skin, dark eyes.  Like Penelope Cruz, most Dark Winters's hair and brows are heavy and almost black and it is best to keep them strong.  Lightening their hair rarely improves their appearance.  A tan, however, can look great on them.  They tend to look best in either light or dark lipsticks.  Bright colours on their face can tip the balance into 'too much' for their already strong colouring.  However, they can wear very strong colours in their…

Coconut Oil for Hair Growth Is Also Super Restorative To Annoying Split Ends -