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Fix WiFi Issues
WiFi unable to connect ❌ Slow internet ❌ Signal dropping ❌ #SupportAssist can help you resolve #WiFi issues. Watch to learn how. Tap for more help. #DellTips #wireless #TechTips
a woman sitting in front of a laptop computer with the words windows 11 keyboard shortcuts on it
Windows 11 Keyboard Shortcuts
⌨️ ​#Windows keyboard shortcuts can help you open apps quickly and easily. Tap to view a list of shortcuts that you can use every day. ​#DellTips #WindowsTips
Keep Drivers Updated
Keep your #drivers up to date to get the most out of your PC. 🧰 SupportAssist makes the process easy! #DellTips #TechTips
Windows 11 Tips
🧑🏽‍💻 Here are a few tips and tricks that may help you get the most out of your #Windows11 system. #DellTips #WindowsTips
a man sitting at a table with a laptop computer in front of him and the words supportassist faq above it
Dell SupportAssist
📦 Was your new #Dell PC just delivered? Our #SupportAssist app can help you set up and maintain your new system. #DellTips
Order Shipping
🚚 Why do some orders have multiple order or tracking numbers? Our agents explain. Tap here for our Order FAQ page:
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Run Diagnostics on Monitor
🖥️ Distorted or even no video on your Dell ​#monitor? Run the monitor's built-in self-test. ​#DellTips #TechTips
Blue screen error codes Start Screen, Device Driver, Windows Operating Systems, Real Time Clock, Windows System, Error Code, System Restore
Blue Screen Error Codes
🕵️ Did you know that if #Windows crashes it gives you a code to explain what happen? Tap to learn more. #DellTips #WindowsTips
Windows 11 is Touch Optimized
🖖 Do you have a touch enabled screen on your system? Learn how #Windows11 is optimized for touch. #DellTips #WindowsTips
Find Warranty Status Support Services, Renew, Feel Confident, Supportive, Status
Dell Warranty Status
💭 Need to know the #warranty status of your #Dell device? Find it here. #DellTips
Run A Battery Test
🔋 Did you know that #SupportAssist can test your laptop's #battery? Watch to learn how to run the test. Need more help with your battery? Tap here. #DellTips #TechTips
Fix audio issues
Fix Audio Issues
🔈 Not hearing your music or movies the way you expect to? 👩🏼‍💻 Our agents have the steps that will help you get your #audio back! #DellTips #TechTips
a woman holding a tablet while looking at it with the text screen flickering while running on battery
Screen Flickering
💻 Does your laptop screen #flicker while running on battery power? It's a function of power savings. Tap to learn how to change it. #DellTips #TechTips
Cloud Storage
☁️ #Windows11 makes saving files to the cloud even easier with #OneDrive. #DellTips #WindowsTips
a woman sitting at a desk in front of a laptop with the words how to find dell support articles for windows 11
Dell Support for Windows 11
📚 Looking for how-to or support articles for #Windows11? #Dell has them ready for you.
Windows 11 File Explorer
🗜️ Don't like the extra space between File Explorer icons in #Windows11? Here is how you can switch to a more compact view: Click to learn more. #DellTips #WindowsTips
a woman sitting in front of a laptop computer with the text fix laptop display issues
Fix Laptop Display Issues
💻 If your laptop screen is: ❌ Flickering ❌ Blank ❌ Or has lines across it Tap here for help troubleshooting.
Dell Order Status
At home or on the go, you can quickly and easily check the status of your #Dell order at:
Windows On-Screen Keyboard
⌨️ Get to know the improved #Windows11 on-screen #keyboard. #DellTips #WindowsTips
a woman holding a clipboard with the words learn all about bios and uef on your computer with the link above
All About BIOS
🎛️ Your system's #BIOS or #UEFI controls all of its basic functions. Keeping it updated can help resolve many issues you may run into. Tap to learn what they do and how to update your PC. #DellTips #TechTips
Windows Device Health
💂 #Windows makes it easier to check on the health of your PC. Tap here for more information. #DellTips #WindowsTips #Microsoft
a woman sitting in front of a laptop computer with the words recycling electronics with dell
Dell Recycling Solutions
♻️ Did you know that you can easily ​#recycle your electronics with #Dell? Any brand, any condition. Tap to learn more. ​#DellTips
a young man wearing headphones is looking at a laptop screen with the words windows 11 pin apps to taskbar
Pin Apps to Taskbar in Windows 11
📌 Pin your favorite apps to the Taskbar in #Windows11. It's easy to do and makes accessing your most used apps convenient. #DellTips #WindowsTips
Microsoft OneDrive
😊 Watch to see how easy it is to use #OneDrive to sync files across multiple systems. #DellTips #WindowsTips
a woman is typing on her laptop with the words how to check dispatch status online
How to Check Dispatch Status
Do you have a service technician or parts delivery from us scheduled? Here is how you can quickly and easily check its status online.
Missing, Wrong, Damaged Products
📦 Was something missing, wrong, or damaged in your delivery package? Our agents have advice on how to resolve the issue. #DellTips #DellOrder
a man sitting on a couch using a laptop computer with headphones over his ears
Swap Audio Devices
🎧 Headphones for privacy or speakers for volume? It's easy to switch in #Windows.
What is TPM
Why does #Windows11 require and use TPM 2.0? Learn what it does and how it helps secure your system. Tap to learn more #WindowsTips #Security
a man sitting at a desk in front of a computer with the words malware removal on it
Remove Malware
🤒 Has a virus or other malware corrupted your PC? Tap for help. #DellTips #Malware #TechTips
Update your Drivers
🧰 #Dell's #SupportAssist app can update system drivers to keep your PC running at its best. Watch to learn how. Tap to find out how else SupportAssist can help.