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Base varita fundador casa slitherin/ personaje slitherin

Staff - "Serpent Staff" Made of silver-inlaid steel and petrified wood, it is a Mentalist/Illusionist multiplier. The staff glows with a blue-green aura when it is consciously pointed towards anyone of equal or lower level, causing a save vs.

Digital Paintings by Virginie Carquin

Portrait of d v Virginie Carquin is a digital artist from Belgium who created amazing series of digital paintings. She started her work in traditional painting and opted for a Wacom Bamboo pen & touch size medium. Portrait of… Continue Reading →

The best, and I mean THE BEST, part of this picture is that merlin is shirtless.... (:

Krios- Greek myth: a titan, son of Uranus and Gaia. He was the god of the stars and of heavenly constellations.<<< people are pinning this and not realizing that this is COLIN MORGAN<Yup, this freaking druid!Merlin, not a titan

Tasoula the Rogue - Contest Entry by on @deviantART

The challenge was to draw Lauraurora's character Tasoula, a halfling rogue. Tasoula the Rogue - Contest Entry