Cheat sheet for ringlets

Recently I posted a cute pattern for the Giant Octopus amigurumi - you had to make a bunch of crocheted curls in that pattern. I then found this great resource over at - a crocheted curly cue sampler - how to choose the best curl.

Sweet Lying Down Kitty Amigurumi Pattern

Sweet lying down kitty amigurumi pattern by LittleAquaGirl

Casimier The Clown Amigurumi Pattern

Casimier the Clown amigurumi pattern by Pii_Chii

Crochet Doll Pattern Amigurumi PDF - instant download -  Marcy Doll

The first in my series of adorable crochet doll patterns. Make her for yourself or for a special girl! Pattern includes detail instructions on how to make doll, const (How To Make Dress For Dolls)