Derkian Sanches

Derkian Sanches

As pessoas tem que entender que nem sempre uma pessoa especial tem a missão de ficar com a gente. Muitas das vezes elas são pontes, são luz, para que possamos c
Derkian Sanches
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Chez Noelle – Beleza que inspira

Sketchbook or journal idea: I am always thinking, writing and working with images. Fun to think of writing inside the female face, kind of like thinking inside the lines

"Amor é isto: a dialética entre a alegria do encontro  e a dor da separação."

love pretty beauty drawing Illustration art couple boyfriend cute adorable Cool anime beautiful forever sky Awesome galaxy stars manga night sky blue hug amazing crush Anime Couple love forever couple girfriend couple hug <<< this is clearly the doctor!

"Mais vale estar sozinho do que mal acompanhado"

She was the girl everybody knew but nobody talked to. Her hair was a wave of color, shimmering and mesmerizing. Her dress held all of the galaxies, stars and planets ever known. Her name was Galaxy.

Bussola- Gostei amei quero

No matter what, in life, we need direction. By direction we could mean metaphorically being guided through certain situations or literally needing to know what physical direction to move towards.