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Boston Fern Turning Brown: Treating Brown Fronds On Boston Fern Plant

The Boston fern plant requires plenty of humidity and low light to prevent the fern from turning brown. If you have a Boston fern with brown leaves, it might be cultural or simply the wrong site for the plant. Learn more in this article.

Biggest Secret To Grow Lush & Green Ferns

Want to grow lush and green ferns like never before? Well, here's one secret!

Secrets on How Not to Kill Your Indoor Ferns

Indoor ferns have gotten a bad reputation, but not if you know what you are doing! Learn all the secrets to growing gorgeous indoor ferns here.

Ferns to keep the garden green through winter

Best Fern Care Tips

Fern Plant Care is easy but knowing the basic requirements is essential when it comes to How to Care for Ferns!

Boston Fern Care: Growing Beautiful Boston Fern Houseplants

Boston Ferns, or Nephrolepis exaltata, is a luscious, natural sword fern that grows in swampy or humid environments. As far as ferns go, having a Boston fern is rather easy to maintain. It has a full, feathery appearance that is so attractive in various fern species while being hardy and resilient. Watering The first thing to mention about Boston fern plants is the fact that they require humidity. While watering, it is a beneficial act to mist the leaves of the plants to mimic humidity in…

How to Divide & Conquer the Boston Fern – Kevin Lee Jacobs

HOW MANY OF YOU are in proud possession of an enormous Boston Fern — and where, may I ask, do you overwinter it? My own pair of Nephrolepsis exaltata (you have to love that name) grew so large and luxurious over summer that I couldn’t possibly find winter quarters for them. Not as a pair, anyway. The solution to this dilemma: One fern was brought indoors and placed on an

How to Use Ferns in Your Garden or Landscape - Longfield Gardens

Ferns enhance the beauty of any shady garden or landscape. Learn how to plant and grow these hardy perennials, and which varieties are best.

Koru, New Zealand Mehr

Koru, New Zealand Mehr

A Lovely Pairing for the Shade

If your border is short on sunlight, fill it up with this lush, shade-loving combo. Your garden will look fresh all season long.

growingontheedge.net - View topic - Tree ferns after 40 years

View topic - Tree ferns after 40 years

growingontheedge.net - View topic - Tree ferns after 40 years

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