Kazuki Yamamoto's coffee sculptures. "Some sculptures, such as this cat watching fish in a pond, spread over two cups."

The arty latte... or how to turn coffee into sculpture: Japanese artist creates foamy artworks using toothpick and a spoon

Funny pictures about Awesome Latte Art. Oh, and cool pics about Awesome Latte Art. Also, Awesome Latte Art photos.

++I have an idea for tomorrow. Don't know if you will think it is safe but I will tellbyou tomorrow

Café faz bem pra saúde. Mito ou verdade

Estampa, café

The Taable: A Look at the Visual Culture of Today

Sharing for All coffee Lovers. Favorite coffee drinks, lattes, frappuccino, liquors, anything coffee.


Colando cafe the old fashion Puerto Rican Way.to this day my mom still makes coffee this way.she will bring her colador .gotta love them!

Coffee time

Greek coffee ready to pour YUM Ahhh.a steaming hot cup of joe paris No Stress Cafe