DIY: criss cross bead bracelet - You could also roll your 3/8" quilling paper and use this technique to finish them.

DIY: criss cross bead bracelet, would be even better to do it with 22 shell casings!

Here is a step-by-step intro to stamping old silverware for use in jewelry.

Silverware Jewelry Tutorial

Here's a simple silverware jewelry tutorial. Step-by-step instructions using a few tools that most people already own and how to customize them.


DIY Clothespin Jewelry DIY Clothespin Jewelry - This is great for upcycling the metal clips of broken clothespins! Such wonderful project!

Fashion can be bought, or MADE! 15 DIY Bracelets

Beaded Safety Pin Bracelets- this would be a good Gee Stuart & project! We can drink wine & make jewelry, LOL! All you need is some elastic, safety pins, and beads (try not to go too big on beads, smaller ones tend to work better for this).

DIY Jewelry: Mini Clothespin Necklace

DIY Jewelry: Mini Clothespin Necklace