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As Melhores Dicas Para Fazer Sua Própria Horta em Casa


So pretty (but the dark green plant in the back is very poisonous to dogs, if they even just chew on the plant leaves)

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Ballerina stickers to decorate your wall - it'll look great even if you're not really into dancing.

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The trick to this inventive door decor is hiding inside — each tulip stem is in it own individual test tube filled with water, so they stay lively longer.


Front window and outside bathroom window Arbor Originals Decorative architectural arbors and brackets instead of window boxes? Maybe just a shallow pan so the wood doesn't look dirty? What about the hurricane shutters though? would they still fit?

Csalogassuk el azokat a napsugarakat egy kis tavaszi dekorációval. Kerülhetnek az ajtóra, lógathatjuk az ablakba is, mindenkit jókedvre fognak deríteni. Textilvirágokkal Élővirágokkal Filcvirágokkal Fonaltekeréssel Művirágokat is használhatunk, de nem árt a…

Sweet and Spicy Bacon Wrapped Chicken Tenders


Hanging Chair Wall-Mounted Plant Stand - I see lots of old chairs at yard sales. Will need to remember this idea!