Design de marca, identidade visual do ambiente e de papelaria

Tutorial HOW TO DRAW A FACE by *MauroIllustrator on deviantART - I like when people say "How I draw faces" instead of "How to draw faces";


Conheça as criaturas bizarras criadas pelo grafiteiro Aryz

Street artist Aryz performs an autopsy on the street with his enormous graffiti murals. He uses a graphic style that incorporates flat, gradated areas of color…

On instagram by happymishkas #madewithpaper #enclavedepod (o) love Soylent Greenies because Soylent Greenies is people.   Happy Sunday everybody! (I know it's a bit silly and slightly gross if you think about it too long so instead let's all sing the first line to 'purple people eater'...) #flyingpurplepeopleeater (old) #sketch_dailies  #fiftythree

Happy Mishkas: People love Soylent Greenies, because Soylent Greenies is people!