shockresistantt: giantfailure: lindseylovesmusic: Evolution of the VW Beetle For Pete. The only person I know that knows every change in the bug every year of production.

Snug as a Bug

Barn find with his and hers split window VW Bugs. My first car - 1967 Black Beetle!

VW Bug

VW Bug~there has never been a cuter or cooler small car~definately for a B personality~its like a song, "slow down, you move to fast .

1963 Volkswagen Beetle original vintage ad...

Volkswagen Beetle model year from 1949 to "The Volkswagen Theory of Evolution.

Not big on the resto-cal scene, but this is excelent

VW bug, two-tone with roof rack. The exact color and look I want on my future 2014 beetle.

Original VW Beetle Paint Schemes.

Original VW Beetle Paint Schemes

Retro Perfection!    #vw #volkswagen #beetle #bug

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