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the noodles are being cooked in the slow cooker
Crockpot Christmas Candy - The Magical Slow Cooker
there are pictures of how to make cauliflower fritters
Low Carb Cauliflower Fritters (Pancakes) With Cheese and Almond Flour
crispy polish potato pancakes on a white plate
Crispy Polish Potato Pancakes (Placki Ziemniaczane)
a piece of cake sitting on top of a wooden cutting board
Chocolate-Topped Peanut Butter-Bacon Bars
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cookies with white icing on a baking sheet ready to be baked in the oven
Baked Chickpea Parmesan
Yes, you read that right: Baked Chickpea Parmesan. While I have nothing against breaded and fried poultry, I thought a vegetarian version of the Italian-American classic would be a great addition to my meatless repertoire. Spoiler alert: it’s a total hit.Crisp chickpea patties mixed with Parmesan cheese and topped with melty mozzarella makes a delicious, satisfying, and oh-so-cheesy weeknight dinner. Serve with warmed marinara sauce, a simple side salad, and a slice of buttered bread t…
two plates with desserts on them and bananas in the backgroung behind
Old-Fashioned Banana Pudding Recipe - Food.com
a chicken burger with lettuce and sauce on a white plate
Sweet Potato-Black Bean Burgers
Sweet Potato-Black Bean Burgers
A fun and creative
Crazy life hack will blow your mind 🤯❤️
stuffed cabbage rolls on top of mashed potatoes with sauce and broccoli in the background
Stuffed Cabbage Rolls
a waffle sitting on top of a blue and white plate
Chaffles for Breakfast
a piece of salmon on a plate with lemons and parsley
Olive Garden Herb Grilled Salmon Recipe