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Car Diddy Bag - Free Sewing Tutorial

Keep everything you need handy - and organized - in the car with this sweet little bag! Mine holds my phone (and the cords, lol), a couple pens, and anything else I want to toss in there quick while I'm driving. From the front you can see it has all th

Estuches porta cepillos y pasta de dientes

This is a great holder for the hygiene items in your shoebox! ***please note: as of no toothpaste***

Kit textile pochon en Liberty

Nice fabric choices and I like the subtle pockets around the outside - - - Kit textile pochon en Liberty bag pouch


DIY traveling makeup bag with brush holder. Instead of a clasp, I would use an actual button because I've noticed that things with clasps tend to pull or tear the fabric after several uses.

Ah, fala aí, eu sei que você não joga lixo pela janela do carro!! <br> <br>Agora com bolsos extras! <br> <br>Mantenha seu carro limpinho com muito charme! <br> <br>Não tem desculpa por preguiça de limpar porque ela é forrada com plástico, pra limpar facinho, facinho!

I would like to make something like this but to hand from the headrest on the passenger side. extra weight on the stick shift is bad for the car.