Divonzir Cordeiro

Divonzir Cordeiro

Divonzir Cordeiro
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CGI Showreel HD: "Vidiotism Showreel 2015"

Check out some cool compilation of mograph work featuring the newest compilation of work from the talented Mikael Hall!

CGI 3D Animated Spot HD: "Beach" - by Triada Studio

Check out the great character animation and SS rendering in this crustaceously sunny spot created for Gyumri Gold by the talented artists over at Triada Stud.

CGI & VFX Showreels HD: "Motion Graphics/VFX/Design Reel" - by Stylow

Check out this "Motion Graphics/VFX/Design Reel" by the talented and self taught artist by the name Stylow from Belgium!

CGI 3D Animated Short HD: "Mau" - by ESMA

Check out this amusing tale of two hungry cats, as one finds himself in the right place at the right time, and exploits his every opportunity - but does that.

Teen Cam Girl Oculus Rift Optimized 3D Dancing Stunning Blouse Upskirt. ...

Amazing Upskirt Teen Cam Girl Dancing in Stunning Blouse. So Much Fun!

(MMD) When Teto discoverded yaoi

(MMD) When Teto discoverded yaoi

CGI & VFX Animated Shorts HD: "PinkLady" - by Verninas Camille

Check out this cute CGI animated short film created and directed by the talented Verninas Camille!

CGI VFX Spot HD: "Human Dome Painter" - by Glassworks

Check out this ultra-cool spot called "Human Dome Painter" featuring a bleak and colorless world as underground rebels bring it back to the world!