Tornozeleira cavalo marinho prata

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Tornozeleira artesanal turquesa

Boho Style, Osho, Ankle Bracelets, India Fashion, Anklets, Barefoot, Bijou, Jewel, Sandals

Tornozeleira artesanal

Feet Jewelry, Diy Jewelry, Diy Indian Jewelry, Ankle Bracelets, Dance Accessories, Beaded Anklets, Barefoot, Sea Shells, Beadwork

Sandalia descalzos Antigua Roma

A pair of handcrafted barefoot sandals, with bronze antique chain. *They have a round bronze metallic charm in the center from where 3 rows of

Pulsera para una boda gitana. Summer jewelry.

Las Bodas Gitanas, Tradiciones y Rituales ¡Oda a la Celebración!

Be Sexy And Unique With Less Clothes And More Boho Jewelry This Summer - Trend…

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