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Conheça o impressionante catálogo de OVNIs criado por Bruce Sterling | Notícias - The History Channel

Reported UFO Shapes over the years. Some are alien/Nephilim made, Earth Gov made and some are not solid but are spirits that shape shift into the image of a UFO. If you've ever seen one that can't hold it's shape lol I have!

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I find Egypt fascinating. As a historical landmark and as a location. Not for the usual cliche questions but for the things that are in plain sight that still have not been answered.

Tutankhamun's pectoral with the Udjat Eye (Eye of Horus) and the scarab ( scarab beetles were a common theme among ancient Egyptians and were prevalent in their jewelry.  They represented resurrection and eternal life), late 18th Dynasty - ca. 1550-1292 BCE

This image shows Tutankhamun's brooch, which celebrates the ancient Egyptian pharaoh with a dazzling scarab made of yellow silica glass, which scientists say was likely formed from a comet impact millions of years ago.

Criatura bizarra (alien?) é descoberta no Paquistão

Small Alien Captured-Mexico, They are here and we have not been told. Disclosure of Secret US UFO files will be released in Obama has signed an Executive Order, which the Main Stream Media refuses to report on.