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3M views · 71K reactions | After learning to fry eggs in water, I never used oil again!! | After learning to fry eggs in water, I never used oil again!! | By Tavares good Tips | Facebook
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249K views · 6.1K reactions | When I do that, there’s nothing left, it’s ready in minutes! | When I do that, there’s nothing left, it’s ready in minutes! | By I love Recipes | When I do that, there's nothing left. It's ready in minutes. To start our recipe, I will start cutting two loaves into slices and then remove the middle with the help of a knife this way. This recipe is amazing. Make it at your house and then come back here to tell me what you think. Now, I will grate 100 grams of mozzarella. Tell me if you have any differentiated snack recipe, I'd love to know. Once this is done, I will chop 100 grams of ham into very small pieces. Next, I will break in a container 2 eggs. A teaspoon of salt, half a teaspoon of black pepper, a teaspoon of oregano and I will stir everything well for the seasonings to add well to the eggs. Now I will add the chopped ham. Then the grated mozzarella and I will stir everything once again. This recipe is amazing. The result will surprise you. Now I'm going to grease a pan with butter using a brush to spread well in all corners and our recipe does not stick. Once this is done, I will add the slices of bread in the pan. Has become one of my favorite recipes since I first tried it. Then I will add the filling I made earlier in the middle of the slices of bread. I can't stop making this recipe. It's amazing. Now I will cover and let it cook for 10 minutes. After time, I will uncover and turn our recipe in the pot. And before I forget, tell me which city you're watching so I can send you a special hug. Today's hug goes to Charlotte Moray from South Africa. I'm glad you're enjoying our recipes. I'm going to let it cook for another 5 minutes. After the time is ready our recipe, look how beautiful it was. Now just remove from the pan and serve this delight. This recipe amazing. It's quick, easy, there are few ingredients and best of all, it's delicious. There's no reason for you not to do it at home. People I love this recipe, I'm sure you and all your family will like it too. I do it myself every weekend and when I do nothing, my family loves it and asks me to do it forever. Is a perfect recipe for a differentiated breakfast or afternoon snack. I hope you enjoyed this recipe. Thank you so much for watching this video so far. I'll see you in the next video. Bye.
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My grandmother's delicious 'Fatboy's deviled egg' recipe is the star of my family's Thanksgiving dinner. Here's how to make the easy dish.
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The Egg Cloud❗️You'll want to cook it for breakfast every day! | The Egg Cloud❗️You'll want to cook it for breakfast every day! 3 eggs Separate the yolks from the whites Salt and pepper Mix the yolks well Whisk the... | By Comida de la nevera | 3 eggs. Separate the yolks from the proteins. Salt and pepper. Stir the yolk well. Whisk the proteins with a whisk. Or use a blender to save time. The proteins shouldn't fall out when you turn the bowl over. Gently mix the egg white and yolk. Butter. Olive oil. Fry the mixture under the lid for 5-7 minutes. Dill. Cut 2 cucumbers into cubes. Dice the radish. Slice 2 eggs. Slice the dill. Slice the parsley. Slice the green onions. Salt and pepper. 1 tablespoon mayonnaise (or sour cream). Mix well.
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