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🔥 Heat According to Garfield #1
"25 (Licensed) Garfield Friends Stickers, 2.5\" x 2.5\" each, Party Favors. You receive 4 of each of 6 sticker designs, plus 1 random from the set, for a total of 25. Party Favors, Crafts, Scrapbooking."

Garfield and odie 🐱 & 🐶

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garfield the cat holding an american flag
Happy 4th of July!
there's my heart by j m davis, illustrated by john wysner
1990s Valentine
1990s Valentine | Liz Hall | Flickr
an image of a cartoon character eating at a table with the caption happy cinco de mayo
Have a spicy Cinco de Mayo!
garfield's halloween adventure dvd, with an orange cat holding a broom and wearing a pirate hat
Garfield in Disguise (1985)
Garfield's Halloween! I have loved this since I was little. So glad I bought this when it was like $10/15 on Amazon they want $60 for this dvd!