Cadu Buchen
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K. William LeQuier

American artist K. William LeQuier creates gorgeous layered glass sculptures inspired by the ocean and its creatures. More art on the grid via My Modern Met

garret kane

Exquisite Figurines Depicting Various Seasons New York-based assemblage sculpture artist Garret Kane composed a breathtaking series called “Seasons”, actualizing a figment of his own imagination. [[MORE]]The works present human figures emerging from.

isana yamada

Image provided by Isana Yamada Image provided by Isana Yamada Japanese artist Isana Yamada& s project Samsara is composed of six translucent whales mounted on thin pedestals that give each of the s

Mario Ceroli

Giant Ocean Waves of Glass by Mario Ceroli. According to the New York Times sculptor Mario Ceroli is one of the least known yet most influential artists of the Italian post-war scene.